Introduction to water treatment process of aluminum plate
Time : 2023-01-17
Introduction to water treatment process of aluminum plate

There are many kinds of aluminum plates, among which the patterned aluminum plate is a popular one. Generally, the aluminum plate will be bright and smooth only after washing. So what kind of treatment is water treatment? L the aluminum plate manufacturer will show you that from the perspective of air hole, it is mainly the circular hole in the aluminum alloy ingot. The main reason for its formation is that the gas is always in a saturated state when dissolved, and there are a large number of non-metallic inclusions in the melt, which slows down the floating speed in the process of gas casting, and the bubbles will remain in the air hole of the ingot

There are two factors causing ingot porosity: one is that the porosity produced by gas in the melt is not removed; The second is the looseness produced during contraction It is also related to the gas in the melt. Generally, we analyze it mainly according to the gas content of the melt and the casting speed

In fact, we can also use the liquid feeding method, which reduces the residence time of metal in the furnace, can make the gas in the furnace release and decompose well under the action of continuous saturation, and can also control the generation of impurities and reduce non-metallic slag inclusion

1. After alkaline etching, the liquid film of alkaline etching tank in Dalian will remain on the surface of patterned aluminum plate, which is called water washing after alkaline etching The patterned aluminum plate after alkali corrosion is difficult to clean. First, we should start from the perspective of being conducive to cleaning products. The water in the first tank should keep the temperature and alkalinity, so we don't change the water For the last two times of water washing, we can stir it properly in order to make the cleaning effect better The last two washes depend on the amount of work, and overflow treatment can be avoided

2. This is a step that must be washed at least twice, which is called neutralization washing For this kind of water washing, we suggest to use circulating water for cleaning. The purpose of this is to protect the normal use of the oxidation tank, because there is nitric acid in the neutralization tank. If it is brought into the oxidation tank, it may not form an oxide film, or the increase of impurities in the oxidation tank will accelerate the aging of the oxidation tank

3. Simple two times of water washing, chemical polishing after water washing Some liquid medicine will remain after chemical polishing. In order to better clean, the aluminum plate manufacturer recommends that the second water tank be washed with circulating flow water, and the first water tank should be kept at a temperature

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