• Machine manufacturing
    Machine manufacturing

    Features: Full customization, a wide range of service industries.

    Application areas include food and beverage machinery, medicine, environmental protection and water treatment, textile printing and dyeing equipment, electromechanical equipment, etc.

  • Shipbuilding business
    Shipbuilding business
    Shenqiang strengthens cooperation with major steel mills at home and abroad to ensure that it provides shipping companies with the highest quality marine plates. High-quality materials and professional machines can meet customer demand for material supply.
  • Construction machinery
    Construction machinery
    Shen qiang provides cutting, leveling, bending, welding and other high-strength steel processing, with enhanced service capabilities, rich processing experience, and various services at your fingertips
  • Import and export business
    Import and export business
    shenqiang started its foreign trade business and has its own independent export business. Export raw materials and semi-finished products with a unique service model and competitive prices. Chengxinrui business philosophy: integrity management, win-win situation. After years of hard work, the products have been exported to Southeast Asia, Australia, America, Europe and other regions.