Check Out What We Do!

Wuxi Shenqiang Steel Pipe Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive steel service enterprise specializing in the processing, sales and technical services of stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized, section steel and seamless steel pipe products. We have a variety of technological processes, including cutting, bending, surface grinding, forming, welding, etc., to provide you with safe, economical and professional services.
We are specialized in steel sales and processing, and can supply all kinds of stainless steel pipes, carbon steel, section steel, angle steel, galvanized sheet, aluminum, color aluminum, seamless steel pipe and other products.
Our processing center has imported processing equipment such as advanced water jet cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, medium plate polishing machine, sanding machine, embossing machine, large CNC milling machine, boring machine, etc., and can provide diversified and customized services.

What exactly does our company do?

Our company mainly sells carbon steel plate/tube/coil products. We have a variety of processes, including cutting, bending, surface grinding, forming, welding, etc. The company has 10000 tons of inventory and supports delivery to the factory.

What products are our company mainly engaged in?

We are committed to providing high-quality stainless steel, aluminum, copper, galvanized and other supporting service products and professional services for customers at home and abroad.

What is the philosophy of our company?

We give priority to the needs to meet the needs of users; To survive on the basis of quality, integrity and people-oriented scientific and technological innovation.

The company has a high-precision acid continuous rolling production line

There is also a cold plate production line; High precision metal plate leveling production line; High precision metal sheet re coiling and tension straightening production line; Sheet metal cutting and distribution production line.

As an industry pioneer, the company has more than 30000 standard workshops

We provide professional, reliable and responsive product surface processing services. The factory has surface grinders, wire drawing machines, mirror polishing machines and other equipment